In Plural we work in programs and activities in a local, national and international level. With our own projects as well as external proposals. We develop these along private and public organizations, both foreign and national, this way we generate an exclusive exchange between society and the different agents related to Arts and Culture.

Plural Kitchen

We create and push forward actions and initiatives that allow us to preserve and innovate on our gastronomic traditions. The knowledge, rediscovery, consume and use of our agricultural produce. This particular program generates synergies between gastronomies and other contemporary creative activities, all to explore the transversalities among them.

Plural Space

Our expositional space is available for the processes of creation and production which confronts, interacts and reinterprets the artwork along with the public. To achieve this, we host commissions, exhibits, labs, conferences, projections, curatorships among many others.

We have the strong intention of becoming an initiative in the artistic scene of the country, by propitiating the creative experimentation for artists, from plurality and the quality of our activities, our idea meeting point and media.