Third space: plural

From February 1st to May 14th, 2021.

Third space: plural is the project that set the tone for our program in 2021. Social distancing and, the absence of audiences, a consequence of the pandemic, led us from Plural Nodo Cultural to propose this project to reach homes of the inhabitants of the area in which we are located: Barrios Unidos (Bogotá D.C., Colombia), and thus transmit the knowledge that is produced in art spaces.

In this edition, the third space was transformed into an articulation of different views from the curatorial practices for the exploration of “plural”. For this reason, five research lines were established, in each of them a curator participated together with several artists for the creation of a notebook that is given free, so the public can collect and enjoy in their homes.


Exhibiton: William Contreras Alfonso (Psychologist and Master of Arts. Artist and independent curator), Roberto Ayala (artist), Guadalupe Ruiz (artist).

Research/Archive: equipo TransHisTor(ia) conformed by María Sol Barón Pino y Camilo Ordóñez Robayo (curators), El Marrano de Barro (artists), Alejandro Arango (artist).

Transdisciplinary practice: Héctor García Botero (Anthropologist. Curator of archeology and ethnography at the Museo del Oro – Banco de la República. Bogotá D.C.), Material de Estudio (explorers of the territory. Collective of humans and non-humans).

Public Program: La Escuela de Fermentos (the fermentation school) (Diego García, Sebastián Cruz Roldán, Marcela Florián, Sebastián Fierro, Mauricio Salcedo, Mauricio Gallego, Danilo Volpato. Artists and cultural practitioners).

Commercial development: Liz Caballero (Art historian. Director SKETCH gallery, Bogotá D.C.), Iván Navarro (artist).


Publications are in spanish only. Go to our spanish section to check them out!

*Project supported by the Scholarship Es Cultura Local, granted by the District Stimulus Program (PDE) of the District Institute of the Arts of Bogotá – Idartes and the Local Mayor’s Office of Barrios Unidos (Bogotá D.C., Colombia).