Curatorial axis 2021: Plural

Plural Nodo Cultural presents “Plural”, our curatorial line for 2021. We appropriate the name of our space trying to understand what we are and the role we play, both, in the artistic ecosystem and in the place where we are geographically and symbolically located.

This axis arises from the intention to thread our interests. In 2018 we begun with the concept of “topophilia” to comprehend the area in which we settled: the relationships and emotions that are incubated from the affection for the place where we live. In 2019 we proposed the notion of “camp” to assume ourselves as a refuge for ideas and bodies, a place of congregation, dialogue and negotiation enticing diverse lines of thought. In 2020, deliberating about the cultural exchanges given in a congregational space, we tackle “translations” as a problem and a field of creation.

Today, this path allows us to meet and work with a multiplicity of people who constantly feed our thoughts, points of view and interests. For this reason, this year we want to focus our attention on this “plurality”, to understand what it means, how we assume and how we work according to it. “Plural” in 2021 will be a fertile field for the intersection and articulation of various perspectives and ways of working. We will host meetings, talks and spaces for experimentation for our uninterrupted flux of meaning.