Nicolás González and Catalina Jaramillo on exhibition

October 20 to November 31

Starting on October 20 until November 31, Plural Nodo Cultural shows an exhibition set up with the works by two artists who approach pedagogy from different places with a predominance of geometric language and that could converge in the questioning and exposition of the dynamics of the educational system such as it is known.

Nicolás González presents for the first time in Bogotá ‘Weight keeping me down’, a series of sculptures developed for his arts degree at Javeriana University in Cali (2013). This work takes Beuys’s ‘Fat Chair’ as a reference, and is made up of three pieces of cement mounted on traditional school chairs that are deformed by the weight on them.

Catalina Jaramillo Quijano presents ‘Objective Lessons of Intuition’ (2018), an installation of a series of elements based on educational toys designed by Friedrich Froebel, a german pedagogue, creator of the concept of Kindergarten that encouraged the importance of game and activity of the child in learning. Catalina reinterprets these elements as she crosses them with memories of exercises and more schematic and structured objects from her own education.

The works with concrete and chairs are by the artist Nicolás González. The other works on view are by Catalina Jaramillo.

– Nicolás González, El peso me mantiene en el suelo, 2013, chairs and concrete, variable dimensions.

– Catalina Jaramillo Quijano, Lecciones objetivas de intuición, 2018, installation, variable dimensions.