piedra piedra piedra: art and cookery meeting

July 13 to August 17

Plural Nodo Cultural presents the second edition of the Art and Cookery Meeting, event supported by the Ministry of Culture through the National Program for Cultural Coordination.

This edition comes with new things, to begin with the meeting has a new name: piedrapiedrapiedra, the word stone in Spanish written 3 times, which is the reinterpretation of the Tulpa, an ancestral stove made up of three stones which is part of the tradition and organization of many communities located in the Andes. For the Nasa cosmology, located in the south of Colombia, the three stones symbolize three worlds: the representation of the mother, the father and the children. Tulpa is the place where the community meets, dialogues, establishes emotional ties and, of course, where family cook and eat.

From the first edition we saw the need to highlight the endeavors of the peasants of Colombia, for this reason we want to vindicate their knowledge, labor and customs. Suesca, Cundinamarca, has been the starting point of this ongoing investigation. Thanks to the close collaboration with people from the community, we managed to perceive the new dynamics that are happening between the inhabitants of the village and those who come from the city, thus see what are those opinions they share and what are the tensions they face daily.

Discover everything what happened during piedrapiedrapiedra: art and cookery meeting in our memories! Access in the following link (spanish only): piedrapiedrapiedra: memorias del encuentro de arte y cocina

Luisa Acosta (Historian, Researcher, Cook) / Carlos Alfonso (Artist) / Daniel Álvarez (Artist) / Diego Ayerbe (Artist) / María Angélica Bernal (Publicist and Cook) / Carmen Alicia Moreno (President of the Community Action Board of Tenería, Suesca) / Estefanía Castro Londoño (Artist) / Fredy Clavijo (Artist) / Andrea Ospina Santamaría (Artist) / Linda Pongutá (Artist) / Pilar Santamaría (Biologist, Artist) / Carolina Tobón (Project Manos a la Cuenca).

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Lecture Luisa Acosta, Ancestral cookery, territory and identity

Lecture Andrea Ospina Santamaría, ( Donde Comen Dos, Comen Tres )

Lecture Carolina Tobón about Manos a la Cuenca


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piedrapiedrapiedra exhibition