ARTBO Tutor 2019: Walking in Circles

Cover image: Luisa Amanda Martínez, ‘Proyecto Siervo’, Installation (Agglutinated and engraved earth), 2019, varibale dimensions.

From november 20 until december 18, Plural Nodo Cultural presented Walking in circles, exhibition curated by Lester Rodríguez of ARTBO Tutor Program 2019.


Walking in Circles: conversation

We had such an incredible conversation about ‘Camping’, our curatorial line of this year, and about ‘Andar en Círculos’ (Walking in circles), the exhibition of ARTBO Tutor program. We want to thank to Giovanni Randazzo (Plural Team 2019), Andrea Muñoz (Associate Curator), Léster Rodríguez (Tutor and curator of the exhibit of ARTBO Tutor) and, of course, to all the young artists who shared with us their processes (Jenifer Osorio, Julián Rodríguez, Melissa Martínez, María Camila Astorquiza, Luisa Amanda Martínez, Silvana Fajardo, Andrea Niño).