Public Program: Curatorial line closure


Through a series of talks between November and December, we closed the curatorial line of 2019:


Thinking like a mountain, documentary of Alexander Hick (AL)

Thinking like a mountain by German filmmaker Alexander Hick narrates the director’s personal journey with the Arhuacos in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and how through their cosmogony they have resisted different socio-political, economic and environmental problems to continue being the guardians of their sacred place.

The documentary was presented at the 59th version of the Cartagena de Indias International Film Festival – FICCI



In September of this year, the seventh edition of HAWAPI, a Peruvian art project, summoned a group of artists to camp at Máxima Acuña’s land located in Sorochuco district (Cajamarca, Peru), to develop projects in situ that could point out the problem among farmers in the area and the gold and copper mining activities of mining corporations.

Linda Pongutá (CO)
HAWAPI Artist 2019.

Andrea Muñoz (CO)
HAWAPI Curator 2018 – 2019
Associate Curator Plural Nodo Cultural


Time, Poetry and Spirituality at Peace Camp

Open conversation about the Peace Camp, which in 2016 camped in the Plaza Bolivar (Bogotá, Colombia) for 45 nights until its violent eviction by ESMAD. This camp resulted in a set of collective and personal experiences that in the manner of a microcosm, becomes an object of study. This experience reveals a model of Colombia in all its nuances, conflicts, creativity and ingenuity, and also allows us to think and reflect on the meaning and the path to peace in the protest activity from multiple angles; from the symbolic, political, relational, artistic, playful and ultimately spiritual.

+ Simon Dupraz Hampton
Peace camp participant, architect, documentary maker (Director of instructions to make a rally)

+ Karen López
Peace camp participant, psychologist and member of Truth Commission.