Quiet I do not look prettier

Plural public program begins its second cycle of the year with the creative laboratory of the Trans Community Network (Bogotá): Calladita no me veo más bonita (Quiet I do not look prettier).
Resignifying the tones of voice in trans femininities was the basis of this proposal that was developed on September 19, 20 and 21, 2019.


This creative laboratory has the participation of members of the Trans Community Network RCT (Bogotá), for the production of eight videos from songs sung by the participants. This project focuses on a creative process to resignify the tones of voice in trans femininities, a space for the recognition of the diversity of bodies, of the non-binary identity constructions.

The voice and gender
The tone of voice is a trait that is associated with the sex of a person, so gender identities that do not identify with their sex, nor are they identified with their tone of voice. Sometimes the voice tends to be falsified to correspond with the image of the body that projects it, in other cases it is silent to go unnoticed. The proposal focuses on the possibility of resignifying and valuing the different tones of voice within the imaginary of femininity and in the construction of trans-feminine identities.

The laboratory and its methodology
From songs produced by the first module of the laboratory, performed on August 2019 and developed within the framework of the exhibition “Your voice says here I am” that focused on the appropriation of popular songs among the participants, we explore the world of the song with lip sync exercises, we talk about denying the voice and recognizing ourselves with fantasy, then as a bet to assess the bad song, the “real” song we play Karaoke, we dedicate songs or rewrite them, making versions from our own experiences, interests and collective memories. In the socialization of the first part of the process a Karaoke session was held where each participant sang their song with an open microphone. For this second part, we propose to produce 8 video clips playing with Chroma Key, based on the appropriate songs for each participant.