De Nelson Mandela A La Paz

Between September 19 and 28 of 2019, De Nelson Mandela a La Paz, an exhibition by artists Dayro Carrasquilla and Luis Mendoza was held. The exhibit was curated by Plataforma Caníbal, a project based in Barranquilla that seeks to disseminate the practices of artists in the Caribbean region.


La Paz and Nelson Mandela are two peripheral neighborhoods of the Colombian Caribbean founded in Cartagena and Barranquilla from the invasion of vacant urban lands due to the rapid flow of displacements that caused violence in rural areas of the region and the country in the decades of the 60s and 90s. The struggle for land and the staggering of violence forced many families to invade, forcefully make a ranch and reinvent life on the edge of the cities of the region, so they grew organically and the urban struggle for access to social welfare, popularization of traditions and the economy of good faith. La Paz, founded in 1966 and Nelson Mandela in 1994, make up two clear examples of community resistance that for decades have digested exogenous violence and created others as a fundamental part of everyday communication and coexistence. On those edges is where you cross the street of two young artists such as Dayro Carrasquilla and Luis Mendoza, who were born, grew up and today work from there with projects that embody the weaknesses and subtleties of violence: Social cleansing, orchards of medicinal plants , the economy of the fiao and the gota a gota; they also let us invade the intimacy of a cultural fabric of beliefs that show “violence without causes”, pointed out by F. Fanon as any violent gesture that cannot be answered directly to whoever generates it, extends organically throughout its around. Both artists do not remove violence and find it cause, because they have experienced it as other forms of life. They make a visual narrative of a violence that kills the violence.

―Plataforma Caníbal.

Header image
Dayro Carrasquilla, ‘Recetario Nelson Mandela Resiste en verde’, 2017-2019, printings on paper, variable dimensions. Thanks to the connoisseurs of the green in Nelson Mandela: Fernando Carrasquilla, Willian Navarro, Luz Estela Martínez, Monica Mass, Jaqueline Mojica, Carmen Alicia Ortega, Edilsa Peña. Thanks to Natalia Mustafá.
Illustrations portraits: Hilario Ávila. Plant illustrations: Jeison Polo
Cover: Lewis Julio. Diagramming: Natalia Mustafa.