First National Arts and Culinary Encounter

Plural Nodo Cultural thinks the first National Arts and Culinary Encounter as a platform, gathering artists, cooks, curators and investigators through projects that tend to link food, cookery and its socializing power and contemporary artistic practices.

In this first edition, Plural poses a space of communication between participants, food growers, local farmers, restaurants and general public, to enhance mutual exploration around the field of action, as well as set forth alternatives ways of interaction in relation with food and cookery beyond orthodox practices, both in the cuisine industry and traditional art spaces.

All the participants in this encounter are people and groups coming from different disciplines, either from a scientific, social and/or creative character that have found in the artistic discourse a way of broadening their investigation and the objective audience.

Cristina Consuegra, Ingrid Cuestas, Natalia Giraldo, Mini-mal (Antonuela Ariza, Eduardo Martínez, Manuel Romero), Adriana Ramírez, Pilar Santamaría, Cristina Sandoval.


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