After Fire

After fire, is an exploration of Giovanni Randazzo and Larry Muñoz as a result of individual interests and investigations that converge in the reinterpretation of fire from artistic practice. This is a polyphonic dialogue that broadens the concept of this element from its historical agency, from its materiality and a poetic approach.

Randazzo, proposes a metaphorical correlation between universal literature and painting elements and the taxonomy of insect species. Light is the starting point, as its absence or excess attracts or repels certain species. Fire, first origin of light is presented as element of wisdom and uncontrollable ambition. But, also hope and resistance. It is then a constant tension, almost contradictory, of that which attracts but can also damage.

On the other hand, Muñoz proposes a stage of contemplation based on the possibilities that fire as a material brings. it shows its ever-changing nature, of its strength and its power that goes beyond human control. The artists proposes lectures around the element, either as life giver or as bringer of death.