Topophilia: Challenges when habitating.

Topophilia: challenges whe habitating gathered the proposals from 14 artists that through their gazes set maifest to the relationship with context, they question it; value the experince with the territory, make reference to the history and the social roots. As a sum, this exposition recognizes the affection as the motor to ressist the forces (the challenging forces) and manifests then as the push towards knowledge and the reinterpretation of the territory, situating us as co-participants of a common world.

Habitating in a defined space and a time gives a certain perspective regarding the surrounding  territoty or environment: Part of this perception; a perception developed by information aquiered by the senses; received , questioned and interpreted from cognitive processes; confronted and shared with living beings that together conform a community. This perspective is unique given that it comes from each individual. It generates a feeling towards the space, and its this to what we refer as Topophilia.

Artists: Laura Ceballos, Natalia López, Alexandra McCormick, Camila Echeverria, Eduardo Montelli, Ana María Montenegro, Luisa Roa, Elkin Calderon, Matilde Guerrero, Larry Muñoz, Paola Sierra, José Ricardo Contreras, William Narvaez, Christian Salablanca.