Third Space

Third Space

Third space is the annual expositive project for Plural Nodo Cultural, in which we congregate artists (Guests or by announcement), their ideas, works and emotions help the enrichment and expansion  of our curatorial line proposed year by year.

Third space is inspired by the ideas and contributions of the Indian thinker, and cultural theorist Homi Bhabha. He invites to the thought on post coloniality in a space “beyond” where “the difference is free from all negative and positional system, overcoming of all binary, dialectic and oppositional systems.” The third space comes from oppressing to generate spaces of meeting, the same way it rejects the external and exotic gaze, generating hybridizations of thought and action. A platform for the proposition of a present with multilateral contributions.

Plural, proposes a space far from neutral, it’s a stage, conscious of its own history, of the social and political situations that surround it, conscious of the problems and hopes. The artists are encouraged to propose ideas and narratives that nourish the discourse, the sensibility and the critique.

In this occasion the artists, Viviana Troya, Lester Rodríguez, Santiago Vélez, Harrison Tobón and Andrés Valles, are invited to converse on the idea of CAMP.

Plural Nodo Cultural, for it’s 2019 program, proposes CAMPas an investigative, propositive and curatorial line. We pose a reference point, ideal or real, on encounters and organization; a refuge, a space were we construct dialogue, critical thinking, debate and reflection. Encountering in this idea of CAMP, the pretext to show ourselves as a space of meeting, that shelters ideas, bodies and minds. Of dynamic character , that can be be both ludic and formative. We encourage the team work among diverse communities as much as we value individual initiatives.


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Entrada Principal
General View of Plural
Lester Rodriguez / Container (detail) / 2019
Video-projection, 2:48 mint. Wood, Plastic tarp, 2.40 x 2.40 x 600 mts.

Santiago Velez / Errantes (detail) / 2019
Installation, thermal blankets, iron structures, variable dimensions.
Andres Valles / Patterns / 2019
Video-installation, Variable dimensions, Formic laminated wood, slings, video.
Harrison Tobón / Diario de Campo / 2018-2019
Installation, video and objects, Variable dimensions.

Harrison Tobón / Diario de Campo (detail) / 2018-2019
Installation, video and objects, Variable dimensions.