Neighbouring South: a selection of works from the historical collection Videobrasil.

Neighbouring south proposes a dialog under the notion of the global south. For this end, it’s vital to know oneself from the starting point: What does it mean to belong in the south? Belonging to the south is sharing a compound story of ancestral knowledge and colonial irruptions; today they make up our heritage and make an integral part of the present. Historically, under the outsider eye, the south has been a synonym of marginality, of the exotic and the forbidden. The artists and the works that compose this sample come from the guts themselves and deal with social, political and cultural issues from the influence area; they manage to permeate and touch fibres, since we all share these issues in one way or another.

The sample is composed by 8 selected video works, made by artists from all over Latin America (Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and Colombia), and was achieved thanks to the collaboration between the Artistic and Cultural association Videobrasil and Plural Nodo Cultural.

About Videobrasil

The Artistic and Cultural association Videobrasil comes forth in 1983 with Videobrasil Festival and today is positioned as an institution that maps, investigates and spreads the emerging artistic production of the global south. Already in it’s Contemporary Art Biennale, already in its own exposition space, el Galpão VB. Today, the Videobrasil Historical collection has more than 1300 works.