Escuela de la sabana: A series of Bogota’s food


With the help of traditional cooks, investigators, cultivators and seed custodians I have created a Bogotá table. A series of dishes that explore the history and the produce from this savannah, from the height that Bogotá is situated in.

Here Food and conversation are a form of getting to know our living place deeply, a land that has remained invisible, given that there’s nothing more unknown to the Bogotá people than their own home.

A project by María Buenaventura.

Dinner # 1

We thank those who accompanied us on the first dinner from Escuela de la Sabana. We invite you to get to know Bogotá’s history through the food we consume.

Dinner # 2

On September the 13th we had the Dinner #2 from Escuela de la sabana, a gastronomical and artistic experience created by Artist María Buenaventura.

Dinner #2, variations on variations of corn, explore the autochthonous grain from the cundiboyacense plateau and recreate ancient recipes from this savannah, remembering that the ancient orchards were made on canals built in the midst of wetlands and rivers full of fish and crustaceans.



False mistela and fruit bocadillo


Toasted porva corn with river fish morsels ( or tilapia )

Masato and lulo caramelized duck fajitas paired with preserved cubios, toasted pumpkin, onion and fresh cilantro


Limonaria Vodka

Main Course

Angry trout

Fresh salad with white maize

Crisp made from red and gato maize


Rose petal Dulce

Tea of Bogotá

Pairing of juices and wines


Maize, fish and roses: from Bogotá’s savannah with its orchards in wetlands, to the frenchness of the republic.