Topophilia: framework for 2018


The general framework for the activities at Plural Nodo Cultural in 2018, boards the concept of Topophilia, term used by the Chinese-American geographer and philosopher Yi-Fu Tuan, referring to the affective bond of people towards a place or an environment.

This idea, can cover a great number of attitudes and behaviours of an individual. Immerse in a space, territory, culture, and senses. The result is the gestation of a unique feeling, but perhaps comparable and even associable to the feeling other people have for the same place.

Topophilia is the result of inhabiting a place for a specific period of time, reason why this idea has developed in fields like ecology, architecture, and urbanism.

Plural proposes the study and analysis of a territory parting from the feeling that its inhabitants have towards it. Its revindicating the value of subjectivity in processes of artistic creation or investigation. Whether it is as a starting point or as conclusion. We will make use of its versatile interpretation to interlace the different programs to be developed during this year.